• PY-0037 冰爽水晶泥Icy
  • Price:$27.50

The product is high-quality crystal mud, which together with natural plant oils has been carefully manufactured .

1. Adding 5-8g the feet bath agent (Ⅰ), into the 50-55 degree water
2 Until all powder Inflating, your feet into the water
3. After bath, then add a packet of Pharmacy II,
4. After Diluent melting, dry your feet
Packing including: 35 x pairs (two bags Ⅰ and II in one pair )

Note: we have several kinds of foot crystal mud, If you want other mud, pls tell us .

1. Jasmine Crystal Mud: Eliminate depression, improve horny, Deodorant , Itch
2. Rose Crystal Mud: the spirit of joy, relieve nervous tension, nourishing the skin.
3. Lavender Crystal Mud: improving sleep, reducing stress, modulating blood pressure.

4. Milk Crystal Mud: whiten and reducing stress.
5. Herbal Crystal Mud: keep health and improving sleep, modulating blood pressure